Travel Documents inc. Passports and Passenger Lists

In many cases of investigating the lives of our ancestors, we would not automatically associate people from poor working class backgrounds with the ability to travel overseas. Many of these journeys would, in the 19th century in particular, be for either emigration or punitive reasons decided upon by the economic circumstances of the time or/and the sentence of the judge.

By the early decades of the 20th century we see more wealthier families, although not much more, being able to travel more for emigration by less enforced situations and slowly creeping in, the ability to afford to travel for the sake of leisure and adventure.

Whatever the reason, in most cases, the traveller was compelled to gain permission to travel via a passport or travel i.d. in some form or another. The main exeption to this would have been the exodus from Eire to Scotland and England in the main and the USA as a result of the Great Famine.

Michael Donnellan Travel I.D.

Travel Documents

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