Images of Our Ancestors and Families

In many cases of tree building, it is not possible to find out more than a name and a few bare details about a person. Where we are lucky enough to have one or more photos of people, it allows us to make a greater connection and make assumptions on the way they lived (sometimes erroneously !). We build a picture of that person just by looking at their face, clothing, height or by associating them with other details that we know such as military service records, wedding certificates etc.

Below is a collection of photographs of individuals who make up part of our family tree. Collected from many sources, they put some flesh on the bones of a name and a date. If we are lucky we can also  cross reference them with other family trees and researchers and they are obvious distinguishers from individuals of the same name.

They come from family albums, internet sources and saved documents including passports and driving licences.

Please use them in conjunction with the family tree database to make sure of the identity of the person you are looking for.

Anna O'Hara


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