A Selection of Places Relating to Our Family

Included here are a number of photographs of towns where our family members lived and worked. PArt of the research of a family tree is actually going to visit the places where our ancestors lived. In the main we do it to be able to gain more information about the people who inhabited that place but seeing a location also gives a better understanding of how they lived.

Locating a dwelling is enhanced by actually seeing the place in relation to the local church, inn and the other buildings that the ancestor might have interacted with. 

It gives an atmosphere as to the environment and throws some light on what life might have been like. From the beautiful country village that is Scarcliffe to the slums of the Gorbals in Glasgow to the mining communities of Carluke and the seafarers of the North Wales coast.

Aerial view of Ballina, Ireland

Locations linked to the family tree

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