Sarah Helena Hopkinson

Francis O'Hara

Gertrude Bolton

Thomas Pridmore

Welcome to the O'Hara - Bagshaw Family Tree website

Tracing the family history has been a great passion for over 25 years for both us.

The growth in trying to trace one’s ancestors has been phenomenal over that time and every family seems to have at least one person who is determined to keep the family journal. We are fortunate to have a number of family members who have all undertaken the task and the information we have accumulated is as a result of their work as much as ours.

We have merged four main family names on this website, but below those (or above) are numerous others who dovetail into the structure of an ancestry.

The O’Haras are traceable to Ballina in County Mayo (Sligo), Eire, before their exodus took place in the mid-19th century. across the Irish Sea to Glasgow and further east to Carluke and then south to England.

The Bagshaws have traditionally been of Derbyshire origins at Scarcliffe near Bolsover. They do not appear to have ventured too far throughout the county until later times.

The Pridmores on the other hand, were not so reluctant to leave their Lincolnshire roots and have been found in Australia (some under their own steam and some assisted by The Crown), Canada and the USA.

The Parrys confined themselves to North Wales and Merseyside despite a seafaring tradition that might have expected some of them to wander further afield.